Sunday, October 27

Reinvent Your Pharmacy into a Destination Business

Sunday, October 27
7:45-9:15 a.m.

The nationwide emphasis on “shopping local” gives you and your pharmacy a huge competitive advantage IF you know how to market and position yourself correctly using your own uniqueness. Jon Schallert works with communities and small businesses across the country, analyzing the steps of how to change a business that is location-dependent into one that defies the demographics of its area and consistently pulls customers from a greater distance. Find out how to get customers to see your business differently in the first seven seconds, grow your market size, and more in this session.

Walk away with:

  • Communication tactics for conveying your value to a consumer.
  • Steps for creating free marketing opportunities which are 12 times more powerful and believable to consumers than any form of advertising.
  • Action-oriented tactics and suggestions that you can put into place immediately upon returning to your business.


Jon Schallert, destination business expert. Jon is the only business consultant teaching businesses and communities how to reinvent themselves into consumer destinations. Jon speaks to thousands annually on his trademarked 14-step “Destination Business” process, which he developed over the last 31 years after interviewing more than 10,000 business owners in more than 500 communities. Jon’s insight is seen in publications, such as The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, and Entrepreneur magazine. He is a member of the International Downtown Association, the International Economic Development Council, and the National Main Street Network.

Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

  1. Identify four key areas of a pharmacy that patients are drawn to upon entering.
  2. Recognize three product spotlighting techniques that can take product selection from typical to attention-getting, attracting more consumers and media attention.
  3. Identify and utilize three key advertising principles of a destination business and five marketing principles that consumers today find credible.

Finding the Right Package

Sunday, October 27
7:45-8:45 a.m. followed by a non-CE Shoot the Breeze from 8:45-9:15 a.m.

You know adherence packaging helps patients and improves workflow, but how can you justify the technology investment? The most successful convenience packaging pharmacies have grown their market share by packaging their services to benefit their most high-risk patients — and you can too. Referral sources from caregivers, providers, and nursing facilities can be game changers with your offering. Providing “medical-at-home” or concierge-like packaging services to patients who might otherwise be in a nursing home can help patients stay home and in the community longer. Get the ins-and-outs on potential services, billing procedures, and referral sources in this session.

 Walk away with:

  • Best practices on how to get started with convenience packaging.
  • Communication tips for relationship-building with referral sources.
  • An understanding of medical-at-home services.


Steve Adkins, PharmD, owner, Health Park Pharmacy. Steve has grown his packaging program to well over 1,000 patients by working with home health agencies, discharge nurses, and social workers from nursing facilities.

 Susan Rhodus, RPh, senior vice president, contract administration, Gerimed. Susan has been a leader in the long-term care industry for more than 30 years and is a leading advocate for medical-at-home services.

 Pharmacist and Pharmacy Technician Learning Objectives:

  1. Discuss best practices for operating a convenience packaging service in your pharmacy.
  2. Discuss strategies for collaboration with home health agencies and obtaining referral sources with physicians.
  3. Discuss NCPDP codes, billing considerations, and existing payment programs for medical-at-home services.