Pre-Convention Programming

Sharpen your management skills

Back by popular demand! Owners, managers, and staff pharmacists, receive a deep discount on registration when you attend both a pre-convention Growth & Profitability Program and the NCPA Annual Convention. *

* See registration form for complete details.

Ownership Workshop, Sponsored by McKesson

Thursday, Oct. 24 – Saturday, Oct. 26

Are you a current owner looking to polish your management skills? Or are you a wannabe pharmacy owner? If so, this workshop is for you. Our team of experts answer the nitty-gritty questions about the loan approval process, licensure agreements, creating a start-up checklist, writing a business plan, designing an effective store layout, and much more. In short, you’ll learn what it takes to run a successful pharmacy…or even pharmacies. Visit for more information.

Walk away with:

  • Expert guidance on key business issues.
  • Insights into how the most successful pharmacy owners operate.
  • A how-to guide for creating a financial analysis, adhering to legal requirements, and applying for a loan when buying a pharmacy.
  • Best practices and “lessons learned” from peers in community pharmacy.
  • Store layout and niche ideas that can make or break your profit margins.

Advanced LTC Pharmacy Marketing Seminar, Sponsored by Pharmacists Mutual Companies

Friday, Oct. 25 – Saturday, Oct. 26

Regulatory changes in the skilled nursing space have made it challenging for senior care leaders. With change comes opportunity for your business. Whether you’re a pharmacy owner, manager, or team member, this deep dive into the senior care marketplace will equip you to expand your LTC portfolio and pharmacy bottom line. Visit for more information.

Walk away with:

  • Strategies on how your pharmacy can provide solutions to meet LTC facility needs.
  • A how-to guide on addressing the four major challenges of senior care facilities.
  • A take-home plan to go after new accounts and provide additional value to your current homes.

NEW THIS YEAR: Enhanced Services Boot Camp

Friday, Oct. 25

Looking to grow your pharmacy with enhanced services, but not sure where to start? Look no further. The Enhanced Services Boot Camp, presented by the NCPA Innovation Center, is an intensive course designed to help you navigate the operations and management of an enhanced service business. Our team of industry leader faculty will answer the nitty-gritty questions about workflow, staff motivation, writing a business plan for enhanced services, and much more. Get the tools you need to plan, execute, and thrive at our peer-to-peer Enhanced Services Boot Camp. Visit for more information.

Walk away with:

  • Workflow tools to incorporate at least five core enhanced services into your business.
  • Peer examples of revenue-producing care opportunities.
  • A marketing plan to sell your pharmacy and your network to providers and payers.

NEW THIS YEAR: Pharmacist-led Lifestyle and Weight Management

Friday, Oct. 25

Obesity is the symptom of the body adapting and adjusting to its current culture and environment. Medications, genetics, culture? How can we help our patients? How can we help ourselves?

Dr. Kathy Campbell, a community pharmacy owner, has built a business helping patients in her community stop the biochemical chaos and lose weight. Dr. Kathy break downs the pieces of this complex puzzle and how your pharmacy can improve your bottom line with a biochemistry-based weight management program.

Walk away with:

  • A clinical understanding of the biochemical drivers of weight management (hormones, medications, and nutrition.)
  • The six critical components for implementing a cash-based lifestyle and weight management program.
  • Cash services and products that complement a lifestyle and weight management program.
  • Empowering, impactful conversations to have with your patients about weight.

Please note, while this program is available for anyone to attend, it is only accredited for pharmacists to receive CE credit.  For more information, contact Elise Damman at 703-838-2696 or

Community Pharmacy-Based Point-of-Care Testing Certificate Course

Saturday, Oct. 26

It’s predicted to exceed immunizations as a driver of pharmacy revenue, according to research from Deloitte. It’s point-of-care testing, or POCT, and it’s a natural niche for innovative pharmacies. In this program, you and your team will get nuts-and bolts details on how to establish a successful community pharmacy-based POCT program.

Walk away with:

  • Clinical knowledge of how to assess, administer POCT, and refer as needed.
  • Resources on establishing a profitable POCT program.
  • Practical tools to establish collaborative relationships with prescribers in the community.
  • Certificate in providing POCT in the pharmacy.

Front-End Profit Building Seminar, Sponsored by Good Neighbor Pharmacy

Saturday, Oct. 26

Here’s a chance to learn about the three proven ways to attract new customers and how to be great at all three. In one morning, NCPA front-end guru Gabe Trahan will share merchandising and strategic pricing methods that will entice customers to buy more. This one-of-a-kind, unbiased program is designed for store owners, managers and anyone with a passion for making their store great. Visit the program’s homepage for more information.

Walk away with:

  • Curb appeal that says “We are alive and doing well. Come on in.”
  • A clear understanding of how to rejuvenate a store interior while staying on a budget.
  • Pricing strategies to become competitive with OTC sales while maintaining profit margins and increasing inventory turns.
  • New niche ideas! Explore opportunities from specialty teas to wound care.

Selling Your Pharmacy: An Action Plan Workshop

Saturday, Oct. 26

Don’t do succession by the seat of your pants. Successful pharmacy owners need an exit strategy. From valuing your enterprise to tax strategies, this program will explain your transition options and help you plan for your pharmacy’s future.

Walk away with:

  • Tools to manage risk and maximize financial and legal resources when planning your business succession.
  • Answers to your questions from a panel of financial planners, accountants, lawyers, and retirement experts.
  • An understanding of your transition options, including how to preserve your pharmacy’s legacy.
  • Resources on making the most of your investment to fund your retirement or next venture.